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Option 2 - Automated Data Exchange Using Direct API

API Interface - Selective Automation - This option is semi-automated and uses the C.A.S.H. DIRECT API for implementation and control. The API allows your IT department to develop their own interface for the system. The interface is used to initiate and control data transfers. Using the Direct API Interface, transfers can be scheduled or triggered manually.

As with the all C.A.S.H. options, our Revenue Cycle Automation Experts work closely with your IT team and provide planning and guidance throughout the implementation process.

Requirements include:

  • The Client to program and interface using the C.A.S.H. Direct API with support from a C.A.S.H. Revenue Cycle Automation Expert
  • Creation of a Secure VPN connection from your systems to C.A.S.H.
  • This system includes custom data processing and C.A.S.H. Web Portal access


  • Program once and done
  • Can be standardized