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Option 1 - Complete Automation

Direct Interface - Option One is a completely automated system where C.A.S.H. is implemented using the C.A.S.H. CPU Module. This module interfaces directly with your EHR system database and automates the process of retrieving and updating data. No user intervention is required to initiate the transfer or process data. During the implementation process, our Revenue Cycle Automation Experts work closely with your IT team and provide planning and guidance throughout the process.

Requirements include:

  • The establishment of appropriate access permissions
  • Creation of a Secure VPN connection from your systems to C.A.S.H.
  • Some knowledge transition on database type, structure and operation


  • Fully automated, no IT work required from facility
  • Strong differentiator from competitors – as we retrieve and update hospital data directly from your system

The implementation process requires minimal use of your local IT resources as our Revenue Cycle Automation Experts will perform all necessary analysis and planning for the implementation. This system includes custom data processing and C.A.S.H. Web Portal access.