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Option 3 - Manual Data Exchange Using SFTP

File Exchange - Partial Automation - This option is easiest to implement as it uses traditional file exchange through Secure FTP, but does not have all the same benefits of automation available with the first two options.

Using this method, facilities and business partners provide data files to the SFTP where they are processed in the C.A.S.H system and then delivered to the designated recipients. C.A.S.H. can be programmed to automatically pick up and send the files, but the facilities and business partners are responsible for generating the files and making them available to C.A.S.H.

As with all C.A.S.H. options, our Revenue Cycle Automation Experts work closely with your IT team and provide planning and guidance throughout the implementation process.

Requirements include:

  • Client technical staff is responsible for creating data files
  • Secure FTP must be setup to transfer the files
  • This system includes custom data processing and C.A.S.H. Web Portal access

Secure File Transfer process - Hospital technical staff provides data file in the format of their choice


  • No changes required to begin receiving benefits
  • Can do additional automation in the future