When considering the number of changes in business partners a hospital or healthcare provider may experience, it's not surprising that the transfer of information is problematic or the implementation of new business partners fall to the bottom of most priority lists.

The Challenge

Managing multiple business partners and prioritizing the endless IT demands cause significant strain on most hospital IT departments. Data errors such as reconciliation issues, placement files sent to the wrong business partner, delays in data updates become common-place and the burden of keeping up with this deluge of information requires an ever increasing number of support staff.

Hospitals need help with new business partner implementations, managing the exchange of files, file specification changes/updates, and capturing the required data elements for each business partner. Managing reconciliation files and the reassignment of accounts from one business partner to another and then back into the hospital system is labor intensive and sometimes problematic.

Our Solution

Through a seamless exchange of data between hospitals and business partners, our C.A.S.H solution takes all the heavy lifting off your IT department by programing and maintaining the exchange of appropriate data for each business partner. Implementations are managed by AMS. Data is continually analyzed for errors, cleaned and formatted before it reaches you or your business partners systems. C.A.S.H. also offers a 360 degree view of all your business partners account placements, dashboards & performance reporting, reconciliation of inventories and invoicing. Your business partners also benefit by having files provided in a format that meets their system needs. We offer an online chat resource to address questions on demand.